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One of the most common questions we get asked is about traffic school.

When people recieve tickets for minor violations such as speeding or running stop signs they are sometimes offered the opportunity to go to traffic school.

Attending traffic school can be a great option.  Make sure you have all of the information before deciding if traffic school is right for you. The benefits available for completing traffic school differ from city to city.

Option 1

Some cities will dismiss the ticket completely and it will not show up on your driving record.  This is the best option for obvious reasons and I would recommend this whenever available.

This is the best option because it allows them to obtain a lower premium on their auto insurance. I would recommend this option whenever it is available.

Option 2

Some cities will reduce the point total for the ticket, but they won’t completely remove the ticket from your driving record. This option can be¬†advantageous if you have multiple tickets on your record because it will prevent you from having your license suspended. Unfortuanately, this option will most likely affect your insurance because insurance companies only take into account the number of tickets you have on your driving record as opposed to the number of points.

Option 3

This option has nothing to do with traffic school.

Instead of attending traffic school, some people are also given the option to attend traffic court. Traffic court can be a great alternative because it’s possible for the judge to grant you a plea in abeyance. This means that you plead guilty to the charges, but after a set amount of time (usually 6-12 months,) the ticket will be removed from your record as long as you did not receive any new violations within that time frame.


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